Installation Instructions






Installing your carpet tile is easy!

  • Clean up the floor.
  • Mark lines with chalk.
  • Install anchor rows.
  • Install carpet tile starting from centre outward in recommended installation steps.
  • Cut tiles to fit the outlines.


Installation Instructions


  • Clear the installation areas.
  • Deliver the goods 48 hours before installation.
  • Touch up or repair the subfloors before installing any new Luxury Vinyl and ensure the subfloors are smooth, stable, level, clean and must be dry <80% RH
  • Install all the base and island cabinets before installing Luxury Vinyl. Do not install cabinets on top of the Vinyl flooring.


  • Your installers/contractor will have their own tools. Be prepared to help them set up and provide them access to electrical power outlets. We suggest placing your planks parallel to the long dimension of the room.
  • Plan your schedule well with your installers so that your daily routine is affected minimally. Ensure to protect all your furniture by wrapping them with plastic or paper or move them from the installation zone.


  • Keep your new vinyl floors in an appealing and excellent condition with our luxury vinyl care and maintenance tips.


Maintenance Guidelines
  • To prolong your carpet lifespan, long–lasting appearance, comfort and durability is to vacuum it often, as it prevents dirt embedded in the carpet’s pile. This should be performed on a daily basis especially for moderate and heavy-traffic areas. Your warranty is not valid if the carpet is not maintained correctly or if improper cleaning methods or chemicals are used. Harsh cleaning and improper chemicals can damage your carpet permanently.
  • For sprouts and snags, cut with scissors. Please do not pull them or you may damage the carpet.
  • Hire professional cleaner every 12–18 months, depending on human traffic and other factors like frequency of vacuuming and the texture of the carpet.
  • In case of extreme flood like overflow of water during washing or other leak, the carpet needs to be dried comprehensively by a professional cleaner with the appropriate equipment.


Maintenance Guidelines
  • Maintain regular sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floor to remove all loose dirt and grit.
  • Do not use a vacuum with a bristle beater bar or scrub brushes to avoid scratching the floor.
  • Do not use acetone based liquids such as nail polish remover to clean stains. Use a neutral PH cleaner.
  • If buffing is needed, use only red buffing pad. Do not use green, black or brown buffing pads.
  • Clean liquid spills immediately to prevent the possibility of stains, slips or falls.
  • Always use floor protection pads when moving heavy objects across the floor to avoid permanent marks or indentations.
  • Avoid using scraping or sharp tools which could remove the wear layer of vinyl.
  • Avoid exposure to long period of strong sunlight without protection of shades.